Friday, May 25, 2007

Zeitgeist? Never!

BACK OFF New York Times! You heard me, get your wire taps out of my cranium and your spyware out of my computer. Take your whiny hometown rag back to your dumb little island. Scramez-vous! You have crossed the line for the last time... The Cinematic Mind (C) and The Cinematic Imagination (TM) are my inventions, and I've got a paper trail to proove it! You can not act like you created them or own them just because your circulation numbers are slightly higher than mine, you rank and file kleptos. Look at that sorry graphic (above) by one Otto Steininger. Does he really think his sad cocktail napkin sketch can hold a candle to this elegant pictogram cobbled together by yours truly back in 2005?

And the article: "This is Your Life (and How You Tell It)". Sheesh! P.U.! Does "writer" Benedict (Arnold) Carey really think it's ok to "borrow" my backbreaking investigations into the effects of cinema on human evolution and consciousness for the sake of his careless little blurb in Tuesday's Science Times on the subject of "personality"? Personality? Is that what your Mommy told you you have Benny? Get real, and get out of the way man! I'm working on ideas that will change humanity forever you amateur arthropod. Have you no sense of where you and your little gossip gazette belong in the scheme of things?

So, I know, you're thinking that now I'm going to open the floodgates and regale you all with MY version of The Cinematic Imagination (TM)... And exactly what turnip cart do you think I fell off of? This stuff is precious people! When the time is right, you will come to know what I've been working on all these years here in this dust free bunker, three thousand feet below the city streets. And then, just maybe, will I accept all of your apologies!

OK, just because I'm an old softy... Here's one more visual piece of the Cinematic puzzle for you to ponder along the course of your daily grind... but whatever you do, don't share it with any of those goons at the Times:

(Top illustration by Otto Steininger, "CineGraphics 2 & 1" by Paul Gachot, 2005)


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Here, here. That's tellin 'em Pablo!

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