Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It is what it is...

I've noticed people using this phrase lately. It is used in the negative, meaning, "It's not good, but it is the sum total of the parts and powers that went into it. It exists." It seems to imply less than savory results achieved through dysfunctional or substandard means. Although technically correct, I've never heard it used to describe the condition of something spectacular or breathtaking.

("Tree" by Jason Evans)


Blogger Ray said...

Paul, I've cringed at the use of this phrase for several years now. It's almost always by a photographer or art director to blame an unremarkable photograph on the subject. I'm inclined to agree with you're thought that the problem is lies with dysfunctional or substandard means. Lack of creativity, drive or inspiration could be added to that and sometime "It is what it is" is exactly what people are looking for.


8:39 PM  
Anonymous Digital Hearing Aids said...

nice comment Ray!!

Anyways beautiful picture !! and Everything is what it is :-)

5:52 AM  

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