Monday, June 25, 2007

Your ecstatic to-do list...

I went camping on the Kern River and was bit in a dreamy afternoon slumber by a spider, likely a black widow, judging by the bite, which looks exactly like a small archery target. I'm not dead yet, on the contrary, I am ready to live more.

It's important to be practical. Life demands it. But ultimately, it's more important to be impractical. People who are truly impractical understand fully what it is to be practical, they have digested, adopted, and diffused those attributes into their being. (Note how the word "impractical" contains the secret message: "I'm practical") People who never give the mastery of day-to-day living a second thought are not impractical, they are loaves of bread.

(TO DO in Post-It Notes" by illegal art)


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