Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Green World?

Isn't it strange - a green explosion with unbridled bi-partisan and "A-List" support and a media blitz unlike any other in recent memory... Green stores, green cars, green movies, green homes, green business practices, and on and on. And through it all, who has been conspicuously and consistently missing?

The Green Party.

Wouldn't you think that this was their moment? Wouldn't you think that they would be able to iron out their differences, let go of the demons that have plagued them in the past, and come up with a wild card, but semi-plausible, presidential candidate and platform that at least champions the greening of America? Can't they ride the wave that's so clearly there? Even if there isn't a chance to win, there is a chance for the Greens to reassert themselves, if you will, to re-brand themselves, strategically. Wouldn't one of their main tasks at this moment be to step away from the fringe and take a position of accessible leadership?


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