Wednesday, July 04, 2007

National illnesses and corporate MFrs...

First, happy 4th of July. Our country's got some serious problems, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that they are SOLVABLE problems. We as a country need to realize our illnesses, find a doctor who can prescribe a clear course of healing, and be willing to make some changes. That last one is key - no more virtual wars without personal sacrifice, no more corporate posturing and obfuscation, no more living in an air-conditioned bubble. To simplify:Just a goal and a path that leads to it.

Second, Yes, there are times when a true, heartfelt expression of sorrow can help to remedy a situation. When we openly admit to our wrongdoing, and we humbly ask those harmed for their forgiveness, there are often good, healing chemicals called into play and ultimately our frail, shared humanity is embraced.

But when corporations say "sorry" for their misdeeds, NO healing takes place. They absolve themselves for their bad behavior and the negative reverberations of their power play further pollute the humanisphere. Too many corporations are too drunk on their image, their aggressive self-perpetuation, their trickle-up policies. I hold them accountable for so much that is wrong with the world. I'm completely sick of it. I'm mad as hell...

To simplify: Human need not corporate greed. Agreed? OK, back to your BBQ.


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