Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jobs of the damned...

Let's face it: many, many jobs are just plain wrong for their occupants, but they are afraid to let them go. In an expensive world where individual people live to serve massive economies, political agengas, and an unknowable legal system, the way you feel about your work, whether it meets your inner needs, doesn't really add up to much in the face of such a system, does it? Should that make you feel hopeless? Not on your life! This is all the more reason to seek out (or perhaps carve out) a niche that meets both your survival needs and your raison d'etre. America is a country that supports functional dreaming. Can you pull it off? How smart and driven and adaptable are you? Can you be responsible for your own vision of success? That's a good question to think abut, because there are many unseen factors stacked against you if you choose to hoe your own row. I'm reminded of all the people who boldly took the fuel crisis into their own hands and retrofitted diesel cars to run on vegetable oil. Now some state leaders say that those innovators are criminals, liable for lots and lots of unpaid taxes (read here). How sad is that? I guess if progress were easy we wouldn't be human.

("Mann's Chinese Spider Man" by Paul Gachot)


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