Monday, October 29, 2007

Ask a Frenchman!

Q: Excuse me are you from France?
A: Oui, bien sur...
Q: What do you think of America? Don't you just love it?!
A: Considering we invented it, no.
Q: Golly, that's a funny thing to say. What's your name mister?
A: Baudrillard, Jean Baudrillard...
Q: Now tell me Mister Bo... Mister, what do you really think of America?
A: A sociosphere of exhibitions of inhibitions in massive or homeopathic doses...: this is obscenity. All structures turned inside out and exhibited, all operations rendered visible. In America this goes all the way from the bewildering network of aerial telephone and electric wires ... to the concrete multiplication of all the bodily functions in the home, the litany of ingredients on the tiniest can of food, the exhibition of income or IQ.
Q: Good Golly! Those words!! What you are saying is like a blasphemy! Isn't it?
A: Apparently so. But one wonders what your founding fathers would make of your country if they saw it today. Would they call it a blasphemy too?

("Good Luck Assholes: Thomas Jefferson's Vision of Death" by Eric Beltz
- via Acuna Hansen Gallery)


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