Thursday, December 20, 2007

Excuse me but...

How many years does it take to learn that the only question that really matters here on Community Earth is this: What are YOU capable of translating from the murky, subjective, conceptual realms into so-called concrete reality? What exactly will you bring to the lives of all the others born and unborn? There's lots to choose from. Go ahead pick something. You're allowed.

The internal theater of the individual mind is hypnotic and entrancing, and many of us will spend our lives in there bathing in our own sauces. But when we attempt to realize our visions we become fully human. Does the thought of being trapped by ongoing responsibility and fixed circumstances nauseate you? Does the concreteness of it all insult your fluid dreams? OK then, what alternatives have you come up with? Really?

Why is the road to heaven paved with good intentions? Because thinking and not acting keeps your hands clean. Find dirt. Rich fecund soil. Put your seeds in there and do your loving sweaty damnedest to make them grow like mighty Sequoia. Then you exist. Then you are part of the forest. But you can't see the forest if you are not yet a tree.

I'm Scatman Crothers and I approve this message.


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