Monday, January 14, 2008

Leap year...

It's a new year, so it's more than likely that you're taking a few risks. As you should! But remember us creative types live in a perpetual pressure cooker... The urge to break new ground and give in to our impulses can push us to extremes. Great! Or not. Some leaps of faith will end in a splat. (Or as Werner Herzog puts it, "crossing some boundaries leads only to peril.")

Are these falls avoidable? Probably not. Still, instead of attempting to widen the margins of your creative range, in a panic, can you dig into something more familiar in a profoundly new way? The art of throwing caution to the wind is a feat few us will ever master. But give it a shot if you must. The results can be very uplifting. (At least for a couple of seconds...)

("Leap into the Void" and outtake by Yves Klein, 1960)


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