Monday, January 07, 2008

Common sense...

Sarah and I need children to take to the zoo. Can we borrow yours? Apparently, it's not an activity that adults can be seen enjoying without some shrieking toeheads in tow. I know, you have little use for the graceful underwater acrobatics of a 600 pound mammal. I know, penguins rarely invest in the right mutual fund. I know, snow monkeys are unreliable drinking buddies. You've made your case. Fine. But lend us your kids. Not the snotty, hyperactive ones who can't wait to get to FAO Schwarz. But the ones who harbor an innate curiosity, introspection, and rebellion. The tiny ones who wander silently in a grassy field, see the fluttering nature, and turn to you and say: "I put the butt in butterfly," stick their tongue out and then say nothing for an hour.

(Footage by Sarah Bay Williams)


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