Friday, December 21, 2007

Burbank Calling!

Wait... Did you really miss Jimmy Spencer's Christmas Party at Mr. B's last night?
I hope you have an extremely good excuse, because there are few things in life as seasonally satisfying as lounging as lizards while Jimmy and friends play it strong and soulful into the night... The assembled pack of singers, swingers, artists, actors, flappers, floppers, retired boxers and withered buglers wore expressions that clearly said one thing: If there is a Christmas spirit, surely it is here in this room with us tonight. For those of us who were there, have you noticed a certain jingle jangle in your stride today? Thank you Jimmy, Marilyn, Joanie, and all the great people at Mr. B's who made for such an unforgettable night!


Blogger Mugwump News and Gazette said...

Hi Paul

This is Tracy's friend Will.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed meeting you and Sarah and Mr B's the other night.

Really digging your blog, too!

Best to you both in the coming year.


9:50 PM  

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