Thursday, February 21, 2008


Did you see the full lunar eclipse last night? Did you understand the bizarre geometry of the shadow the Earth cast? Me neither. What do you do with an eclipse at the end of the day?

Reminds me of something...

In 'Prisoners of the Sun' Herge explores the eclipse theme, albeit solar... Tintin and his companions have been taken prisoners by a tribe of Incas. Their crime was to accidentally enter the Temple of the Sun God. Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus are to be burned alive, their pyre lit by a magnifying glass focussing the rays of the sun. The only choice the Incas give them is the day and hour of their death.

Tintin finds a scrap of newspaper in his pocket, and notices a solar eclipse is predicted a few days hence. Choosing that day and time for their execution, Tintin is able to halt the ceremony, shouting to the Incas leader, "The Sun God will not hear your prayers! O magnificent Sun, if it is thy will that we should live give us now a sign!" And the sun, as if obeying Tintin's will, begins to disappear. The Incas leader is terrified and his people run in chaos. The leader frees them and accords them places of honor. Monica Vitti and Tin Tin end up in a life raft off the cost of Honduras with a case of Krug champagne. Captain Haddock swims after them, misses the helicopter rescue, and doggy-paddles all the way back to England.


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i am all for Obama now and hope that he will be the next president. i am sorry i have nothing inspiring to say today.

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Blogger Professor Montblanc said...

and i put my comment on the wrong post.

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