Friday, March 07, 2008

Christ eyes, bus stops, and dolphins can't dream...

1) If you want to play Jesus in a movie you mustn't blink. Ever. Don't believe me? Pick your cinematic Christ - Robert Powell, H.B. Warner, Max von Sydow, Willem Dafoe, Jim Caviezel, etc... How do they do it?

2) "The Washington Fairfax Transit Center is one of LA's main transit hubs. Less a center and more an oversized traffic island, there has not been any notable attempt to improve the station in years, and it is not a comfortable bus station. The main elements of the Transit Center are the omnipresent, indestructible waiting benches and the ubiquitous bus shelters made by JCDecaux, one of the largest providers of street furniture. Interstate 10 functions as an oversized sunshade." via MAK

3) The distinction between animals that can dream (exhibit REM cycles) and those that cannot.


Blogger Anonymous said...

i saw godspell once in germany and that jesus didnt blink but hardly any of the germans blinked does this mean they are superior after all?

3:50 PM  

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