Friday, June 13, 2008

On the bus, own the bus...

If Muhammad Ali were born into a world with no boxing rings what would his forum have been? His engagement with life is total and unstoppable. Not all of us are in possession of such an irrepressibly fluid life force. If pianos didn't exist, Mozart most likely would have been a crazy man. If the presidency didn't exist George Bush would have been a tipsy baseball fan. And if _______ didn't exist, then Pablo Gazpachot would just be another faceless blogger.

("Ali, Zaire 1974" by Howard Bingham)


Blogger kissyface said...

When We Were Kings is one of my favorite films. I felt so little for that man until I saw it. Were Ali born in our generation he might well have been an MC (well, he already was a rap master), a movie star, or the first black nominee for the American Presidency. Orator was clearly on the long list of talents, and maybe if he hadn't spent so much of his youth bandying blows to the head, we'd have his bold voice and sturdy posture in the political ring. What a beauty.

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