Wednesday, June 04, 2008


OK, so that's a relief! The hope for better leadership is here. What we do with Obama, what we ask him to do for us, is in OUR hands now. I never signed up for the Anyone But Bush mentality, and along those lines I don't think Hillary should just be given the vice presidency as a consolation prize. Our country will move away from its current mess because we make shrewd choices and because there are visionary individuals at the helm. Show us your vision Obama and we'll show you ours.


Blogger Henry said...

I think Hillary owes us a lot of money for wasting our time, especially since she keeps purporting to b a stalwart for universal healthcare, and long ago caved to the health insurance lobby. If the big O picks her I think its going to be predictive of how he ends up running the country, i.e. not very well...

Do you like donuts? I do.

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