Monday, June 02, 2008

The Beauty in Horror...

Working through the loop-di-loops of inner and outer states can be utterly exhausting. What I mean is you can get everything how you want it internally - all the thoughts and feelings in their right places - all the repressions and denials held back in a relatively stable configuration - all the work and immediate issues laid out on your psychic desk top just so. But we must consider these conditions optimal. We do not live in a vacuum, nor can we expect the outer world to care one bit about our inner organization. The best we can hope for is weathering the storm and hoping that the nature inside of us corresponds enough with the nature outside of us to create some sort of harmonic sympathy. Of course we've been running in the opposite direction of "Nature" for a while now. Which makes me wonder - does Nature update with human evolution or do we become a cancer on it as we leave Nature's nature behind?

("The Ship Sank" by Andrea Offermann")


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