Thursday, May 22, 2008

Against the fleeting...

You spend time around people, of all the things, and you catch a glimpse of their deep wiring. Some key aspect of an identity is unknowingly revealed:

Oh look, Bob's a myth-builder with a flair for crowd control and bringing out the rowdy poetry in men. Hey, Ethyl's a brilliant narcissistic child who experiences private glee in using her enormously flexible communication skills to get what she wants without most people ever knowing it. Boy Sonya can plan, she wakes up at dawn saying to herself, "what might I need today?" and stomps around and makes a ruckus looking for umbrellas in the back of closets if there's a 10% chance of rain.

And through all of this you remain fascinated by what can only be described as the dances of people, their unconscious and robust strategies for being alive, but more than that, their in-life-ness. Very beautiful to see, even if it's not, especially if it's not, how you would do it, if you were doing it at all.

(still from Futureworld)


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