Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scion's fate...

There are certain twisted father son pairings that bring on a queasy feeling. The Georges are the most obvious. One has to wonder if there isn't some over-arching, mind-bending theory of history that might explain this duo's rise to power and shed some light on the finer points of this friendly sounding New World Order...

I also happen to notice (reading Sunday's NY Times) that Frank Sinatra Jr. appeared yesterday at J&R Music World at their Midtown Manhattan store. Why? To sign copies of "Nothing But the Best" his dad's new greatest hits CD of course! There's something in the the image of Frank Jr. with a sharpie in his fat paw, nose breathing, signing disks for dad, that fills me with a weepy swelling in my chest, like a bad Martin Scorsese movie. There's also something that fills me with the dankest of melancholias - like a bad Frank Sinatra movie.


Blogger pigatschmo said...

There's a theory that McCollough's much-hyped biography of John Adams was a way of warming the public up to the idea of father and son Bush presidencies.

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