Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tintin-based Titanic iconography...

I've already covered the fact that Mel Gibson completely ripped off a Tintin plot for his otherwise visually stunning Apocalypto. And now I submit James Cameron's shameless lift of a maritime Tintin moment for your files. Arguably, Cameron had the sense to set this romantic scene between two humans, but then again, have you seen Snowy in a negligee?

Clearly, Tintin's influence is incalculable. Am I looking forward to the Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg cinematic Tintin trilogy in the works? Thompson: “It all looks very fishy to me.” Thomson: “To be precise: the whole thing looks like me, very fishy.”

(Image on loan from this interesting site)


Anonymous will amato said...

Loving Hypnogogic Zoo.

Re: Tintin's influence on culture, caught this link on the Bookforum blog today --


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