Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Borealis breath...

The boat is going very fast across the bay, even though I’ve got the throttle down very low. My vision is blurred by the waves and low clouds mixed with moonlight.
I can make out that there are swimmers in the water and waterskiers and buoys around. I don’t think I’m hitting anyone or anything, but who knows. Someone suggests we go swimming. I park the boat and jump out onto a sheet of ice. It’s thin but it holds. We all go running fast to the ice edge and some of us, including me, jump in the water which is of course dream freezing. Others have stayed on the ice. I am holding a hockey skate and suddenly I fear that holding it is going to tire me out as I tread water. I do start tiring and my head goes under. I drop the skate and grab the ice edge which breaks off at first but then supports me like a sheet of flexible plastic. I feel bad about dropping the skate and know that when someone asks where it is, I’ll struggle with what to say. Leaving the water I climb through a window and momentarily I’m on the porch of the Red House. Then I’m back treading water. The ocean? Where did we park the boat? I have no idea. Where are the landmarks on open water?


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