Friday, May 02, 2008

On top of old Google...

Much of today's copywriting for the web is based on achieving prime Google placement. This marketing strategy is having a tremendous impact on the way people write online, the actual words chosen, particularly in the business world where being on top is always the cat’s pajamas. I call this new voice Reductive Googlism. Basically, you want to reverse engineer how people write searches. Don't write: "we represent a vast array of inspiring image-makers..." who will search with those dusty old terms? Say: "We search for and find professional visual artists including the best photographers, top illustrators, premiere font makers, number one graphic designers, leading art directors and greatest scene painters working in the industry for you to hire." Did you see all the "hot" words in there? If I want to "Hire best professional font maker" or "find top professional painters" guess where Google will take me?

Thing is: Since many people are getting their news and other key services online these days, one must consider the impact this development will have on the way we receive information. Because "professional copywriter" is one of the hats hanging on my hat-rack, I can tell you that it’s a sad and fascinating linguistic shift that’s underfoot.


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