Monday, May 26, 2008

Snow job...

Yesterday's NYTimes magazine opens with a piece about John McCain's notion of a "League of Democracies." This summoning of a "global coalition for peace and freedom" is really something to pay attention to, especially in regards to whom is selling it to us. Why? Because, beneath its shimmering surface, this emotionally charged, visionary plan stinks of the natural greed and power mongering that underlies all politics, but especially conservative politics.

Here's how it works: you sell the pristine ideals of a thriving, symbiotic global democracy to hearts and minds of disenfranchised peoples everywhere, and as the ideas take hold, you end up with a centralized capitalist government very much in the business of maximizing and controlling a global economy, collecting the profits and asserting the agendas of a chosen few. Do you see that? The switcheroo? You thought you were getting a system of grand ideas, but really you signed up for a system that reduces you to a twig in an economic woodchipper.

It's especially dangerous, because a one world government plays right into the post-60's liberal rock n' roll ideal of "coming together," if only we overcome our differences "that the world will live as one." Peace and freedom man that's all we ever wanted... The men behind the curtain are paying attention, and they will most likely succeed in giving YOU something you think you want that will divert you from the snow job switcheroo at hand.

OK, I know it's a little simple to put it out there like this, tidy conspiracies are the the hobgoblins of feeble minds, but will you do yourself a favor and keep a close eye on this as it develops? Isn't it possible that people who've had a taste of power will create overarching systems to maintain and exploit that power?

(photograph by Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley)


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