Friday, October 03, 2008

Shadow play...

You probably won't see this John McCain image shot by Jill "The Manipulator" Greenberg on any magazine covers anytime soon. She tricked him into taking this picture for the Atlantic Monthly by having a "normal" lighting rig set up, but in actuality, used a single strobe light firing from below to achieve this demonic effect. 'He had no idea he was being lit from below,' Greenberg says. And his handlers didn't seem to notice it either. 'I guess they're not very sophisticated,' she adds. Now listen, few are more against a McCain presidency than I am, but I'm not sure if this kind of tactic (strategy?) is the way to go.

Twistedly, I am drawn to Jill Greenberg, mostly because she (and her work) remind me of the sadistic pretty girl a few grades ahead of you who seemed to find humiliation and inflicting minor pain upon others to be screamingly funny, in an aesthetic, Edie Sedgwick sort of way, of course. Man am I screwed up.

More shocking news re: this developing story here...


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