Monday, April 20, 2009

Vine Theorist or Master Planner?

Know thyself they say. So then, are you a Viney or a Master P? By my definition a vine theorist moves through life swinging from one vine to the next, quickly, instinctively assessing each new vine and grabbing the one that seems right without too much regard for the path that is being drawn. The Master Planner operates in the inverse. He or she thinks about the arc of a life, studies the entire maze-like terrain and chooses goals and plots destinations that can only be visualized from a bird's-eye view. Swinging through the forest, they know which vines to ignore, even if they look inviting in the moment.

The Viney is "in it," making the most of the present conditions. The Master P is "above it," always rushing to get ahead, thinking ten vines down the line. The Viney can miss opportunities and the cumulative "greatness" that can come from having a broad perspective and charting a destiny. The Master P is in danger of forgetting that the map is not the territory. The vine that looked secure from overhead might be rotten or covered with stinging ants. The Master P might not be in the moment enough to cope with the real and numerous obstacles that come up fast and furious.
And so on...

Of course, you are probably a bit of both. The point in pointing out these extremes is to call attention to these opposing policies, and to ask yourself if you are blending them as wisely as possible.


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