Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deus ex machina...

In general the spirit wants to express itself. It has a will to power. For some, organized religion provides a vessel, many of them beautifully crafted to reinforce higher values and provide shelter from chaos. (Jesus, for one, was a carpenter after all.) But the organized religions aren't for everyone in this modern world. One hears this quite often on the coastal cities: I'm a spiritual person but I'm not religious. For these souls, there can be a pull to the New Age with all it's bendy rules and rainbow sparkles. Personally, I'd skip this dead end. The real wisdom for the non-religious individual comes from acknowledging the lack of a vessel. It is good that our spirit is restless. It rightfully haunts our days, reminding us that economies and to-do lists are false prophets in our short experience of life.

(photo by Nick Veasey)


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