Saturday, June 06, 2009


I've heard that metal detectors are illegal in Italy. Makes sense, you can just scratch the ground and uncover one of Caesar's gold fillings. I've heard that chickens can turn from female into male on account of them only using their left ovary. Makes sense, if that one ovary goes out, the testosterone in their system takes over. This can make a hen crow at dawn and a peahen grow cock's plumage. I've heard that feral children with animal parents (i.e. Romulus and Remus) exhibit the triumph of nurture over nature, and that the exact opposite is true of children born of human parents who keep them in dark basements apart from all human contact. I've heard that most men lead lives of silent desperation. Makes sense, the world can only accommodate so many dreamers at a time. I've heard that the state parks might shut down this summer on account of the budget crisis in California. Makes sense, people don't want to pay more takes or make any cuts. Somethings gotta give! And finally, I've heard that Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button. Don't believe me? Ask Karen Black.


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