Monday, June 01, 2009

The Digital Shoebox...

We interrupt our usual naval-gazing with an important announcement...

Sarah's written a book, The Digital Shoebox, and it will be available via Peachpit Press in September. Get your pre-orders in now on Amazon!

The Digital Shoebox is a much needed "how-to" that addresses a rampant (but totally new) challenge faced by our species: Now that everyone and their uncle is a wild shutterbug, what do we do with all of the, yes, kajillions of digital images we're taking? Where should they go? How should they be organized? How do you sort, find, and share them? The book gives us seven simple steps that even your crazy uncle who lives at the laundromat can master.

I'm very proud of her and equally inspired by her stick-to-it-iveness... AND... now I can find those important images I need, when I need them.

(Illustration from the book by Christian Kasperkovitz)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, thank you, kind sir!!!
Mr. Digishoe

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