Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The comfort of danger...

Have you noticed how we replicate the conditions we are most familiar with, even if those conditions are unfavorable? It comes with the species bub. Take it or leave it. When you were a little person you composed your own theme tune, plucking the melody, the rhythm, and the bass lines from your physical and psychic environs. For some, no matter how they were arranged, the available notes added up to a distinctly minor key. A minor key is tough to play your way out of.

You must know people who live in a danger zone of one form or another, and maybe you ask yourself, why? You can not understand why someone would live in such a way. Could it be that the examples of comfort zones send some of us running in the opposite direction? Or are the danger zones and edge lands simply a better match for certain theme tunes? Difficult to tell which impulses are reactionary and which are instinctual.


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