Thursday, May 07, 2009

Contemplating Seriousness...

It has been a while since I've taken this blog "seriously". Mostly just a scratch pad for passing follies. Which is probably exactly what a blog is good for. If I were to take it seriously, what would happen I wonder? For starters, I suspect I would miss the rawness, the jagged thoughts, the sloppiness, the humor that this peculiar vessel holds without judgment.

Is there such a thing as a blog so well-rendered and so relevant that it becomes timeless? Could one wring the contents of one's heart, one's mind, one's soul into these tidy digital boxes to create something of a masterpiece? I say boldly: Maybe! Then again, I'm a person who doesn't own a television who thinks that tv could be the answer to all of our problems. I've alwasy had a deep yen to re-purpose middling media into saviors of humanity.


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Goodness, there's so much effective info above!

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