Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Emergency Luxury Kit...

When the shit goes down, and I'm not talking swine flu, I'm talking Doom with a capital D, there will likely be people running through the flaming streets looting and marauding and otherwise generally freaking out on a scale we cannot fathom. There will be people who need first aid kits to treat the cuts and scrapes that will arise under such conditions. And there will also be people who will need an immediate injection of high civilization to maintain some desperate illusion of their own privilege. For these people I recommend putting together an emergency luxury kit. You know, an attractive mobile container that stores Hermes scarves, caviar, lobster pate, paintings by abstract expressionists, fine wines and perfumes. The like.

Have I mentioned that I'm into urgency - i.e. the psychology, aesthetics, and technology of emergencies and disaster scenarios? I'm also very into absurd urgency as an important sidebar. Imagining what might constitute an art emergency for example, can keep me in stitches for a good long while.

("Flamers - The Mall" - by Wayne Coe)


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