Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enormous heads vs. Rose Kennedy's vagina...

I met, ok, experienced, Ted Kennedy twice. Once as a boy, I'm told, he picked me up and later gave me his autograph. There may or may not be a picture of this somewhere. Then as a high school student, my poli-sci class went to his Senate office where he fielded questions from our zitty crew in ill-fitting ties. Great memory.

I want to confirm that this man's head was enormous. I mean big like a planet. He was in a fat phase during my visit to his office, which added some bulk, but I'm telling you his skull alone was at least the size of an exercise ball. Very impressive. I'm assuming that Jack, Bobby, and all the other kids were similarly afflicted.

With all the Bros. Kennedy off to Camelot, I feel it's not inappropriate to con-gratulate the late Rose Kennedy on passing all of those enormous heads through her birth canal. It cannot have been fun, by any definition of that word I can conceive.

Coming from a family of five boys, I can relate to the implied subject of the above picture. There's a kind of communication that arises among brothers that goes so deep and yet is taken for granted when it's happening. In fact it must remain invisible in order for it to work. That's a good life lesson in and of itself.

Throughout my life, I've yearned for Kennedy-esque collaboration with my brothers, and I'm beginning to see that it may not happen. I accept this idea with some sadness, but also the confidence that the results of any collaboration would have been wickedly good.


Blogger pigatschmo said...

Look here Jack you're outta your mind if you don't think I promote "collaboration" as you put it. And when the hell did TK pick you up as a boy? Where the hell was that? In your defense, I now think of TK and chuckle whenever I encounter that damn shower curtain... thanks to your quick wit. His BIG head vs. my miniature suffering...

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! That was exactly my impression. It's the key takeaway of my, "I met Ted Kennedy" story.


10:24 PM  

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