Monday, December 28, 2009

My personal theory of autism...

Autism is a consequence of civilization. As the evolutionary course of our species is forced further and further down a materialistic path of our own making, more incidents of this condition will occur. As we continue to embrace the hyper-accelerated, economy-based, techno-riddled, market-driven, psychologically twisted alterations we've made to life on Earth, some souls will rebel. Some children born into this world we've worked so hard to civilize will reject our efforts on instinct and automatically divert their psyches to a more core, pre-logical, animal sense of our place in the universe. It is well known that autistic people and animals share strange affinities not available to non-autistic individuals.

I'm not a Luddite shaking a finger at civilization with this theory. No. I'm just acknowledging that there is an order that is deeper than the one we're manufacturing for ourselves. Of course we are free to alter this order. Free to play with it. But as we are learning, there are consequences to ignoring certain aspects of our makeup in favor of others as we go. For example, I believe in the soul and I believe that we are generally terrified of its mystery (or stymied as to how to fit it into our material world). I believe we have denied the soul an appropriate role in our collective evolution and so our balance teeters.

To be clear, this IS the world we've made. This IS our evolution. This might be as balanced as we'll ever be. Furthermore, you could argue that the intricate world we are building was born of a certain "autistic focus" in us and that the future will require much more of it. I would encourage us to pay attention to whatever it might be that autism-sufferers are protecting from the reality they perceive around them.


Blogger kissyface said...

...and what they are here to teach us, two distinct, but related things from the same teacher:

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Anonymous Hone said...

The Abraham explanation of how to deal with autism is brilliantly on target, in focus, nail's been hit on the head. However when the explanation for the "why autism" is revealed, I feel a great irony. I say revealed, because the explanation appears to be rooted in spiritual knowledge known by the revealer and it is now being revealed as from a bully pulpit carefully built on the success and logic of the first explanation. It is ironic because one of the primary tenets of how to work with autistic children is to understand a universal freedom of spirit and then understand how to communicate within that universal freedom. To then imply that there is a loving godlike force orchestrating life on earth is antithetical to the understanding of universal freedom. To my way of thinking, understanding whatever force there is, is not and should not be mortally available. If the Abraham "why autism" explanation grew out of an agnostic foundation, then there would be an unequaled home run. (Please to not confuse agnosticism with atheism)

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Blogger kissyface said...

Hone - I have no sealed conviction about this matter but felt that this video, which I saw recently, aligned with Gazpachot to some degree. It also resonated strongly with my instincts and sense of rightness, or at least my ideal hopes about the world.

I am interested in your argument, and it's a good insight, but I don't necessarily agree that there is a deep conflict there. Why? Because as I understand "Abraham's" way of thinking, this "loving god-like force" is us, and we are our own orchestrators, which is quintessentially universal freedom. Is it not?

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Anonymous Hone said...

That's pretty much my way of thinking as well, but I did not hear it that way on the video. It seemed the speaker was describing something much more didactic in that part of her talk, especially when she implied that souls choose to return to life as austic.

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