Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aesthetic Pressure 1 - the infinite zig zag of meaning...

At certain levels of consciousness we have a strange need to put frames around creative works so that they become complete universes in which every question has an answer, every action a purpose. The film industry is particularly susceptible to this need for enclosure and answers ("Maybe the audience doesn't exactly know why she jumps out the window, but we gotta know why she jumps out the window!" you can picture a producer demanding.)

I would be inclined to fight this tendency. In my experience, most things are ambiguous or only appear momentarily definite on account of a given perspective in time and space. Don't force answers. Some of the best art confronts you with the maddening eternity of answers seemingly grasped and then lost again to the ethers of the cosmos. As you piece a story or an impression together you think something is this and then it becomes that and then it's another thing and so on. Attempts to contain this natural zig zag is like trying to control the reflections in a hall of mirrors.

("Heart's filthy lesson" by Paul Gachot, courtesy of Augusta Quirk)


Anonymous Hone said...

...and inside us all (well, most of us...), there is a solid bar slowly moving upward, but erratically at various points, causing internal frictions which cause the sparks that take those wonderful and often surprising ziggy-zaggy paths.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Babycakes said...

So many times have I heard that an individual's drive to follow something and study it or fall in love with something creatively made comes from the violent and at the same time endearing way in which it grabs them with its incongruity and incomprehensibility.

10:53 AM  

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