Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Who wants to be in control?

You kick and claw your way to the top. Of what? Your own fantasy of self worth? Has having power and control ever not been the ego's favorite sport?

A spate of recent "enlightened" documentaries and books seem to be spouting a similar message: that we should question the powers that be as to why they want to be in power. I'll buy that. The kinds of people who wield power are often the kind of people who are willing to do the kinds of (not very nice) things it takes to get power. Except for Brezhnev. He understood.


Anonymous Hone said...

Yes... something I've often thought about. However, in recent years my thoughts always end at a logical conclusion. One day, we'll turn the whole thing over to a global computer... :->

7:49 AM  

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