Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More action than transaction...

So ok, human life, as we've engineered it, is about making exchanges. Got it. This is business, the way we interact with others in the spirit of fairness (ha!). These are important interfaces. This is how bridges and schools and McDonald's get built. This is how values are assigned to essentially worthless things. Worth, money, value, economies, as we know, are all highly subjective and largely imaginary.

My beef is that people get stuck in the transactional realm to the detriment of the action realm. Time is a factor here. In other words, shouldn't our transactions be quick exchanges in service of some more important and time consuming action? Unfortunately, culture can only hold so much, and when the culture puts a premium on the exchange, and worse, the cost of living, then living itself gets a little sidelined.


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