Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Which one doesn't bite?

Creativity is just one of those mixed-up things. On the one hand, it wants to live in the world, and on the other, the world takes a Benihana approach to most creative expressions. Watching one's creativity chopped into digestible content, or worse, ignored, one can easily fall into a draining cycle of protecting and rejecting creative designs with the all confused care of a mother panda fretting over her wailing whelp. Meanwhile, another part of your psyche is busy sifting time and space for like minds, for adventurous and receptive souls with whom you might be able to collaborate and create in peace. But soon you come to feel that you're looking to sow seeds in a field peppered with hissing snake pits, into which you lower yourself, one by one, smiling, because you have to. Hope's life-long gamble shelters many dreamers.


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