Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Experimental leaps...

There's generally a path we can see or sense. I've noticed that leaving this path produces enormous anxiety at first and often astonishing results in the long run. Much of our world (business, politics, health care, etc.) demands a clear path that must be followed. Predictability and relative safety are essential to large systems. But don't be fooled into thinking this applies to you. Trailblaze into the thicket. Don't forget to check for ticks.

("Geological materials & phenomena moonmap" by NASA/US Geological Survey)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of the center...

From Medieval Latin eccentricus, derived from Greek ekkentros, from ek-, ex- "out of" + kentron "center". Eccentric first appeared in English in 1551 as an astronomical term meaning "a circle in which the earth, sun. etc. deviates from its center." Five years later, in 1556, an adjective form of the word was added. 129 years later, in 1685, the definition evolved from the literal to the figurative, and eccentric began being used to describe unconventional or odd behavior. A noun form of the word – a person who possesses and exhibits these unconventional or odd qualities/behaviors – didn't appear until 1832.

(via Wikipedia)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

State of the Art Miracles...


Mad, visionary, exquisitely-rendered, ecstatic, life-enriching experiences out of film, music, performance, architecture, design, crab legs, whatever...


Forward-looking, big-picture individuals, groups, and species characterized by curiosity, desire, taste, means, and who ideally wield influence by example...

There's no product, no selling. Only ideas, emotions, dreams, and futures being cobbled into reality. Experiments that remind us of what's larger than ourselves. With traction.

("Instant City" by Archigram)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer thunder...

A perfect gloomy summer evening by the sea of passing lightning storms and crickets in between the showers. New York City was challenging on many levels. Very glad to be back in the country with my lady and my dreams.

("Quinault #1" by Yoshihiko Ueda)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Honor thy tumescence...

bugs rising

I'm continually meeting people who don't know what they want. It's the saddest thing really a crime against the privilege of being alive. It's simple, and best paraphrased by the late, great Samuel Fuller: "If it can't give you a hard-on, throw it away!" I'm not advocating the deification of our sex organs, I'm saying listen to your desire, it's screaming at you. If you can't hear it then you insult the deaf by missing what is so plainly audible.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Identical Bends of the Serpentine...

Big Steve: Let's get in the hole.

Little Steve: No, Let's get in the hole!

Big Steve: Screw you, we're getting into the hole!!

Little Steve: I'm in the hole!

Big Steve: I'm in the hole!

Little Steve: We're in the hole!!!

Big Steve: I know we're in the hole, don't tell me we're in the hole, I know we're in the hole.

Little Steve: The hole sucks.

Big Steve: How can you say the hole sucks? I worked hard to make this hole possible.

Little Steve: The hole sucks!

Big Steve: You suck in the hole!

Little Steve: Who else can we get in here with us?

Big Steve: Don't you dare try to pull Mama Steve into the hole.

Little Steve: I would never pull Mama Steve into the hole.

(Both pull Mama Steve into the hole)

Mama Steve: I hate the hole, it's horrible in here.

Big Steve: Calm down, please why are you so hysterical?

Mama Steve: I don't want to be in this dumb hole.

Little Steve: She doesn't want to be in the hole!

Big Steve: Fine, then leave.

Both Little Steve and Mama Steve: We can't

Big Steve: I'm calling Outer Steve.

Outer Steve (far away): Hello?

Big Steve: Outer Steve get into the hole with us.

Little Steve: Don't listen to him. Get into the hole with us.

Mama Steve: I hate the hole. Get into the hole with us.

Outer Steve: Um... OK, I'm getting in the hole.

Big Steve: The hole sucks.

Mama Steve: The hole sucks.

Outer Steve: Can't we try to get out of the hole?

All: NO!! (Outer Steve ulcerates and gets off the phone).

Little Steve: I'm Calling Nether Steve

Nether Steve (very far away): Hello?

Little Steve: The hole, the hole, get in the godamned hole... I don't have time to explain, just get in.

Nether Steve: I don't want to get in the hole.

Little Steve: I don't care, just get in the hole.

Big Steve: I'm calling Nether Steve.

Nether Steve: Hold on, my other line is ringing.

Big Steve: Hello, Nether Steve, can you get me out of the hole?

Nether Steve: I'm on the other line with Little Steve, I think he wants me to get in the hole.

Big Steve: He's driving me crazy.

Nether Steve: I see.

Big Steve: I'm just trying to get everyone out of the hole, but no one seems to care.

Nether Steve: I care.

Big Steve: Yes, but no one cares.

Nether Steve: Why don't you try to avoid the hole? You always seem to end up there?

Big Steve: I get pulled into it. Believe me it's the last place I want to be.

Nether Steve: You should just try to stay out of it. It seems like an awful place to keep ending up. No?

Big Steve: You're right. The hole sucks. Get into the hole?

Mama Steve: Hello?

Big Steve: I'm on the phone.

Mama Steve: Is that Nether Steve?

Nether Steve: Hi Mama Steve. How are you?

Mama Steve: I'm in the hole. I hate it in here. Can you get me out?

Big Steve: Why are you complaining? Can't you just stop complaining and go back to the hole?

Nether Steve: I think she's saying that she doesn't like the hole. She wants out of it.

Big Steve: If everyone would just stop getting involved, we could be out of the hole.

Beep: Hello?

Little Steve: Uh... I'm still holding. I've got to get out of this hole. I'm leaving. These people are crazy.

Nether Steve: I think everyone wants to get out of the hole, don't they?

Little Steve: Of course not. They love it in here. Let them rot. I'm out of here.

Beep: Hello?

Mama Steve: I hate the hole. Everyone is crazy here. What should I do?

Nether Steve: Get out?

Mama Steve: But what should I do?

Nether Steve: Get out?

Mama Stev: But wha..

Beep: Hello?

Little Steve: Don't challenge me.

Nether Steve: What?

Little Steve: How many times have I pulled you out of the hole?

Nether Steve: Wait, what?

Little Steve: Get in the hole. Get me out of the hole. Bury these guys in the hole.

Nether Steve: It's hard to follow what you're saying.

Beep: Hello?

Big Steve: I can't take it. These people are crazy. I'm getting in the hole.

At this point the universe explodes and our transcript is interrupted.

(Image from "Serpens" by Guido Mocafico)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Kazan on my mind...

Off to NY, but wondering about the cities our ancestors lived in. Like Kazan, the capital of Tartarstan. Never thought we'd have a "stan" in our family, and yet there it's been all along.

(More of Kazan here)

Monday, July 05, 2010

True independence...

The Beast is always on our tail. Staying a few paces ahead of him is ultimately fun. Who doesn't love a chase? It's one way to some kind of fulfillment. But it takes ages for that process to find legs and become some kind of enjoyable routine. Life is erotic, don't get your panties in a wad about it...

For further study see La Bête.

("Fable Attraction" by Carter Smith)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Black Stars are coming... (and going)

Badboy Sulley Muntari keeps Africa on the map... for now...

His goal from 35 yards out is the stuff of animated village talk for years to come. It's 1-1. The vuvuzelas are honking at a fever pitch. Is destiny calling? Go Ghana... With you all the way. You can do this!

No! Oh... Nooo....

Thursday, July 01, 2010

The cost of civilization...

What if innocence was a precious and sacred force in the universe to be defended and preserved at all cost? What would that world look like? And how strange might ours seem by contrast?

("in a single shoe/live girls" by Jessica Sofia Mitrani)