Thursday, February 10, 2011

Political evolutions...

I had a dream in which the words "progressive conservative" were spoken. They echoed into consciousness and naturally, over coffee, into a Google search. I was sure that such a clear oxymoronic phrase would describe a whole bunch of older conservatives who were tired of the whole "hawk" thing.

Sure enough, I found this blog entry entitled, "Help! I'm becoming a liberal!" which is well worth a read. (Note - the phase 'progressive conservative' is appropriately invoked in a comment.)

Our political parties are based on broad cartoonish divides, when we know that the major issues of our day are apolitical and can only be distorted and rendered dysfunctional by sustaining these imaginary polarities.

It's a beautiful thing when people catch a glimpse of their mirror image and are suddenly confronted with the option of putting down their rocks. I wouldn't want to live in a world where opposition and violence weren't options. But I abhor a world in which they are the knee-jerk choice.

("Combat des amis avec pierres" by Malick Sidibé)


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