Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3rd-eye workout...

OK all you zombie people, get ready for this exhilarating 936Hz workout on your flabby old pineal gland! Let's get metaphysical! Besides lycra leggings and a matching stretch headband, you'll need a (good) set of headphones for this to work.

I've been experimenting with binaural beats lately, and I've had some rather profound experiences in doing so. This sample is a good introduction. Just a simple, fun, mind activator and the candy colored visuals (starting about 3 minutes in) in are pretty fantastic too. I recommend watching full screen.

Binaural beats are created when two slightly different sound frequencies are played simultaneously, one in each ear. In reading these two sounds, our brain combines them into a pulsing beat that matches up with a brain wave pattern associated with a brain state. This is a naturally occurring phenomena called the "frequency following response," in which the electrical activity of the brain begins to pulsate in syncopation with the frequency of the external stimulus. The "beats" are low in the slightly Yani-esque "ambient" mix here; you can hear many samples of unadorned binaural beats all over the web.

It's elementary that sound can make us happy or sad, contemplative or rowdy. It's called music. But binaural beats go deeper into the science of sound, attempting to isolate psychoacoustic responses. I find it a fascinating field. Of course there's the usual ladling of New Age fondue all over these "healing" realms, which is fine. Folk healing has always been a part of human culture, appalling aesthetics and all.

Worse is the whole digital drugs movement that as far as I can tell is simply trying to make money off of thrill seeking college kids. Stay away, some of those downloads are quite dark and disturbing. Not all brain states should be activated!

Hype aside... binaural beats are clearly up to something. Cautiously curious, I'm learning more and more about them. Used wisely, I can foresee wondrous, benevolent applications up ahead.

("Pineal Gland Activator" clip by Source Vibrations)


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