Friday, April 22, 2011

Coming soon...

One big problem with film now is that we as moviegoers have accepted the mythology about where films come from and how they are made. We know too much about the endless struggle, the quest for money, the sacrifice, the horrible people and committees who kill creativity, and so on.

But when was the last time a film arrived that broke the mold? That made people stand up and say, "Where did this come from? This is not the kind of movie that was processed through an industry!" I know these films exist. I spent much of my youth searching for them (and occasionally finding one or two). The independent era had some promise, but it quickly bogged itself down in a mirror image of all the classic Hollywood trappings. Unfortunately, there's no democracy in cinema. Budgets and attentions are paid out according to the strictest dictorial systems and guidelines.

Cinema, your bottom line is showing, and yes, it looks big in that outfit...

Let's mess with this mess. Let's allow something that's not supposed to happen happen. Guaranteed that our next "Citizen Kane" comes out of left field. The technology and the delivery systems are in place. Geniuses start your engines.


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