Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paging Noah...

To watch Donald Trump's puckered ass face talk about how proud he is to have accomplished something really, really important today, is to highlight a particular national self-image that is coming more and more into focus... What is it? Is it famous, white, greedy, assholes who use bluster and sophistry to weave mass illusions of patriotic strength while feeding the vacuum of their own ego? Is it TV and junk-addled minds blindly demanding dominance for the dubious sake of being #1? Is it an addiction to supersized servings of confidence? Is it a collective "he ain't one of US so let's cut it and shut it" impulse? Is it fear of progress?

Our systems (social, political, economic, religious, psychological) are both fatally outdated and growing exponentially out of our control due to the blunt instructions we've fed our technology and our beliefs - make it big! The effects of this childish will to power are becoming steadily apparent. We're imploding.

And given the force of our stupidity, we may not be able to catch ourselves before we are sucked into all encompassing Trumpoid assmospheres. Sometimes when things get to this point, everything has to come down before it can be rebuilt. I guess that's what 2012 is for? (Oct. 28, 2011 I'm told actually).


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