Monday, May 28, 2012

Execute execution...

The chasm between creative ideas and whatever you end up with in this thin skin of reality goes back as far as recorded history. Shepherding good ideas into existence comes down to an ability to summon inspired, well-choreographed execution. A quick survey in any direction confirms there's no glut of this in society today. Our muses are not amused. 

One giant leap we might consider is doing away with realization altogether. I mean I know we have the big brain and the opposable thumb, and yes, these ever-present existential voids are motivating, but... these poorly realized ideas that we end up having to champion in order to justify spending and stave off embarrassment are seriously piling up. Frankly, it's beginning to look a lot like Fresh Kills around here.

 There must be a way to honor and enlist ideas without execution. Since the world is clearly moving away from analog living, maybe all this digitalism is just a willful transition into the era of pure ideas? 

What if instead of appropriating or awkwardly channeling our muses' callings into putrified artifacts, we simply accept the invitation, and head over to their place?


Anonymous sarah said...

Should I bring pie?

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