Tuesday, February 05, 2013

From Void to Execution...

I'm always drawn to the odd choices of words that pop up in professional or industrial lexicons. When we void out a transaction does it dematerialize back to the cosmic void? The train ends at the terminal. This job was killed (and therefore results in a kill-fee). That job was not killed, on the contrary it was well executed. It seems oddly fitting that the act of realizing a thing in the thin, post-god, desperately unifying layer of marketplace reality should be described as ending its life.
Twitter that.

Which reminds me, my professional skill set should have a catchy descriptor - you know like "from farm to table", "from soup to nuts," "from concept to completion." I've decided that mine would be "from void to execution."

Day by day, I pull low-hanging ideas from the void and drive them mercilessly up to, or through, the soul-sapping gates of manifestation - organizing what was perfect chaos, stripping off pesky metaphysical husks, awkwardly cramming big beautiful notions into compact words and phrases, ultimately abandoning them at the doorstep of monetized reality. I don't sell, that is a job for others. I've tasted that skill set, and while I know I can do it, I know I should not.

(photo by Stephan Zirwes)


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