Sunday, December 11, 2005

10 cow gal addressing Buddhas...

Strange happenings in the last 18 hours starting with last night's puppet show depicting the myth of Pandora and Persephone. Rice Crispy treats with worm like chee-toes baked into them. Doug Harvey's lo-fi Mormon roast featuring media ephemera at the Echo Lake Film Center ("Johnny Lingo" was the best and least mormon of the bunch - it introduced the revolutionary concept of the '8 Cow Wife' which I may go into at some point). Chicken tacos with Guiness and a schizophrenic bystanter. Dreams of King Kong so real and so violent - no movie will be able to match. Up early this morning dizzy but determined to attend the Buddha's purification and birthday celebration (Amitabha Dharma) at the HsiLai Chinese Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights. Sarah not coming until the last second, not knowing where she was going, but secretly hoping for "an African breakfast feast in Cheaven" (you'll have to ask her, but note the dress, not Chinese by any stretch). Much monosyllabic chanting and incense, shaved monks, and a spectacular location on a crystal clear morning. "Much merit!"


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