Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sounds of '05

Unlike brother peTE or lady Sarah, I am not a very good annual "best of" list maker. Biologically, I am probably better suited to make a best of 2006 or best of 2026 list. But in the name of gratitude, over the next few days I shall put down some things I really liked in 2005 (though not necessarily from 2005) in the hopes that anyone who reads this can see what a super-cool person I am... I mean, find something new.

"These Are the Ghosts" by Band of Bees
"Urhuru Sasa" by Gary Bartz
"Cuban Beat" by Bill Laswell
"Coumba from Pirate's Choice" by Orchestra Baobab
"Bone Bomb" by Brian Eno
"No Condition is Permanent" by Marijata
"Gideon" by My Morning Jacket
"You Tear me Up" by Dean Carter
"5 to 4" by Kraak en Smaak
"Drumheller" and "Bees" by Caribou
"Les Fleurs" by Mini Ripperton
"Summer Clip" by Casino vs. Japan
"Angel No. 9" by Mick Ronson
"Today I Was an Evil One", "My Home is the Sea" and "Death in the Sea" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
"Cex Secret Mix" by Marumari
"You Were There with Me" by Four Tet
"Not Even Stevie Nicks" by Calexico
"My Angel Rocks Back and Forth (Four Teas on English Time)" The Icarus Remix of the Four Tet song
"A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Sufjian Stevens
"Lyla" by Oasis
All those big fat U2 songs
Ocean's 12 sountrack
Daily random doses of Stereolab, Air, Add to (X), Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, etc.
Daily (but pinpointed) doses of Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Beach Boys, Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Byrds, Brit psychedelia, etc.
sad cowboy songs
the right jazz, the right classical.
the acoustics at Matsuri at the Maritime
yoga ragas
Buddhist chanting earlier this month
mechanical toy bird chirps
A French Canadian Zydeco bar band in New Orleans
peahens clucking in South Carolina
Jamestown foghorn
all the thunder, rain, and lapping waves
logs popping in the fireplace
the silence of Marfa, TX
Cheech squeeks
Sarah laughing in her sleep

All that would make a nice mix.


Anonymous Hank said...

hey it's me again.... I gotta get something to do at night besides post here.
here's a top 10 of 2005 but in no true order
Desmond Dekker @ the Knitting Factory
Key West in February
My first Cuban cigar in September
Bastro reissues- true Louisville skronk rock from the 80's and early 90's
Pink Mountaintops
Handsome Boy Modeling School new record
I Got Loaded by Little Bob and the Lollipops- searched and searched for this single since I worked in a record store on Decatur st. in NOLA for kicks on days off from the kitchen. but it's a shallow vicotry, it's only the download.
Schfogliadel-new to me. You got a problem with that?
Stooges/Salt n Peppa mash up of No Fun and Push It Real Good
As always, Raymond Carver poems and stories. always. and. forever, uh huh.

8:41 PM  

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