Wednesday, February 08, 2006

God (is) Complex...

I think St. Bono of Gorgonzola gets it right when he stands up at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington and turns to George Bush and says "stop asking for God to bless what you're doing, instead look around and get involved in what God is doing because it is already blessed." Not only is that a nice twist on JFK's inaugural antimetabole switcheroo, it's also an important message to America from a non-threatening outsider. The message being: God will bless America when America stops assuming that God's blessings are redeemable as carte blanche political currency. Amen!

Bono may have unleashed his egomania onto the earth, and it is reasonable to be suspicious of (or at least a little nauseated by) his motives... but whatever dividends he hopes to reap in this life or another, his urgent plea for global equality appears to be nearly as effective as it is eloquent. Lives have been saved, minds have been opened (albums have been sold). To be fair, he seems as openly mired in hypocrisy and human folly as he seems guided by higher voices. It's almost like he's half man and half God or something (I mean Jesus, who does this guy think he is?). Read his entire sermon here.

Also very intrigued by the new American Express RED card which a host of global do-gooders helped initiate. Read about it from the horse's mouth here. Global salvation in a swipe of cool red plastic? How moderne... I say why not. Until corruption strikes, help is help.


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