Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Consciousness is hypnosis... part five

"When we look around a room or have a dream, things are laid out in space and time and viewed as if from a point. However, when philosophers and scientists consider the location of the form and contents of this phenomenal point, there are fierce disagreements. Descartes proposed that the contents of this point are brain activity as seen by a non-physical place without extension (the Res Cogitans), which he identified as the soul. Thomas Reid thought the contents of consciousness are the world itself, which becomes conscious experience in some way. The precise physical substrate of conscious experience in the world, such as photons, quantum fields, etc. is usually not specified. Other philosophers have proposed that the contents of consciousness are an aspect of minds and do not involve matter at all. Still others, have considered that each point in the universe is endowed with conscious content. This is a form of Panpsychism. Panpsychism is the belief that all matter, including rocks for example, is sentient or conscious."
from Wikipedia ("Consciousness")


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