Monday, August 28, 2006

Sarah is lucky...

Lots of variety and flashing lights this weekend. Sunset Junction on Sunday. Meh... I was underwhelmed this year. Sometimes you feel isolated in LA and you get romantic ideas about being a part of the community and being WITH THE PEOPLE. Then you see THE PEOPLE and you encounter their vacant eyes, and forceful posturing, and desperate costumes, and really you just want to be home with your lady dreaming about all the great things and people there must be out there...

Saturday night we went to some silly function at an airplane hanger in Santa Monica promoting the supposedly superior lifestyle one can find in Las Vegas. Suffice to say, we won't be moving there any time soon. But it was fun, and though I'm not a gambler, Sarah is always game to test her luck. And so she should. She's incredible that way. Her mother always told her as a young girl that she was lucky, so that nugget of positive reinforcement is deeply wired into her being.

She cleaned up at the roulette wheel, doubling her fake money in a matter of minutes. Crowds were in awe as she called the exact number-trough that little white ball skedadled into, at least three times (I lost count) with a few other good picks (red or black) thrown in for good measure. She faired just as well at the Black Jack table until I started urging her to bet massive amounts of chips, which, of course, the gambling gods could not refuse.

Sarah's got some very interesting theories about how "luck" works. When it comes to winning, say picking the right number, as in a roulette wheel, she says it's not about trying to consciously imagine the number, it's about clearing your head and allowing that number to summon you. Is it seeing the future? "Not really," she says. "It's like a dog sensing fear." In this case the dog is the number (which is an animate being???) and it senses one's openess to it and so it reveals itself to you. Or something like that. I should let her speak about it beofre I butcher her words. She occasionally posts her thoughts here. Or here.

Of course talking about luck is like dancing about the judicial system, so maybe she'd rather not.


Blogger Babycakes said...

That's pretty much it -- although you summon the number rather than the number summoning you -- as in: when you are fearful, you summon the dog's bark; when you are confident, you summon the number you chose.

2:10 PM  

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