Saturday, September 16, 2006

False idols...

We are surrounded by tiny cracks through which we can see entire universes. But you gotta be careful not to get too hung up on these. Up until last night I would have said that refrigerator magnets are among the most depressing items there are on Earth - especially those that come as freebies from roofers, pizza delivery joints, real estate couples, and the like. I can't say exactly why I was drawn to the CAL-COAST HOME PIPING magnet late last night. There is a world of information there: a mysterious address in Brea California, another in a town I've never heard of, a declaration that they are a drug free work place, various union logos, plenty of industrial clip art, and a general sense of strenuous activity and cold-beer-at-the-end-of-a-long-day accomplishments. I was so comforted by the world this magnet (that's been on our refrigerator for at least two years) opened up to me, I considered, for a moment, seriously starting a refrigerator magnet collection. I've since come to my senses and have decided instead to purge this fleeting obsession here in cyberland. Embarrassing, slightly, but necessary.


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