Sunday, October 22, 2006

The colorful surface...

Note to self: The hard pillow gives hard dreams. Plotless dreams of industry, clanking machinery... wordless, backbreaking toils, frightful illogic, and jarring nonsequiturs that punish the dim, sense-making bulb of consciousness exiled in sleep. I must come to terms with computer operating systems - the illusory desktop screen with all of its friendly icons and intuitive navigation. Each click and drag and drop is a play put on for me, my human brain. Underneath this skin of digital visualization lies an avalanche of mysterious number languages and codes. It is too much to fathom. A craving for the analog, for cars you can take apart and put back together and run on french fries. For bodies with knowable insides, where a tear or a donor organ is absorbed into the biological weave. Like tissue to like tissue. The thatch of flesh. Tonight the soft pillow.

(photo by Edgar Martins)


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